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BAND-AID Magic Vision

If you have kids, then you know the almost mystical power of an adhesive bandage. The instant a BAND-AID is applied to a bump or scrape, the tears subside, the screaming stops, and everybody can start breathing again. Kids think they're magic. 

That said, BAND-AID sales were going down. The problem? Store brands. Many parents believed the cheaper generic stuff worked just as well as the brand name. To solve that, our team found a new way to tap into BAND-AID's magical powers, making them a standard feature no store brand could imitate.

Enter The Muppets, and a genuinely useful—not gimmicky—use of augmented reality. When kids scanned their Magic Vision BAND-AIDS with an iPhone, they were treated to a fun interactive show from their favorite characters. Kids spent an average of five minutes enjoying the experience each time they used it—just long enough to forget about that their grievous personal injury.

And mom and dad? Well, I could give you some brand manager crap about how Magic Vision strengthened the emotional bond between parent and child — but that's nonsense. Really, we made parents terrified of ever giving their kids crappy generic non-magic bandages ever again. 

Johnson & Johnson

Gold, Mobile Lions, Cannes
Gold, Content & Contact, Clios
Gold, Digital, Clios Healthcare
Bronze, Digital Mobile App, Clios
Global Winner, Mobile App, The Smarties
Gold & Grand Effie Nominee, AR App, Effies
Winner, Mobile Advertising, The Webbys
Winner, Advertising - AR, The Webbys
Winner, People's Voice, The Webbys
Silver, Interactive - AR, The One Show
Silver, Interactive - AR, Art Director's Club
Silver, Mobile App, London Intl. Awards

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