Close to Home

Since 2010, AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign has made texting while driving a matter of urgent national importance. The effort has been credited with changing laws and behavior across the country, even the world. 

But as our smartphones evolved, becoming even more inseparable to our lives, so changed our behavior. Most everyone agreed texting while driving was dangerous. But what about glancing at an alert from Facebook? Or changing a song on Spotify? 

AT&T asked the team at BBDO to create a campaign that would tackle that issue head-on. The result was "Close to Home," a four-minute film that introduces the viewer to six lives that would be forever changed because of one split-second mistake. 

Within days of its release, the film had been shared over a million times on Facebook. It appeared on the Today Show, ABC's World News Tonight, called "harrowing and heartbreaking" by The Huffington Post, and was even responsible for crashing AdAge and Creativity's website.



Summer, 2015



Gold & Silver Cannes Lions, 
3 Golds One Show; 
3 D&AD Pencils,
Best of Show at AICP, Mashable Awards, Addys & Ciclope Festival;
numerous inclusions in Best of 2015 lists, among others.