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The Unseen

In Spring 2016, as we were researching our follow-up to "Close to Home," we learned something unexpected. In group after group, participants revealed something about distracted driving that we hadn't heard before: while nearly all of them reported it was never okay to look at their phone with passengers in the car, when they were driving alone, they believed the risk was acceptable.

That discovery led to "The Unseen" — and an entire campaign forcing people to confront the fact that nobody is every truly alone on the road. And a few creatives gained a begrudging respect for the lowly focus group. Though they'll never admit it. 

AT&T, It Can Wait

Director  Frederich Planchon
Company  Anonymous Content

Gold. Ciclope Festival
Silver, Epica Awards
Winner - Takes a Stand Category, YouTube Ads of the Year
Lürzer's Archive, v6.1639

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