Small stage. Big drama.

In the fall of 2012, as educators across the country scaled back or eliminated their theater programs, one New York City school decided to put on their first show ever. They had no experience, no money, no time, and their lead kept running and hiding instead of rehearsing. Our cameras were there for every minute of it— every audition, every blown line, every agonizing second before and after the curtain call. Think they're just a bunch of cute kids in costumes? Think again. 

Directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Marilyn Agrelo, "No Small Parts" is the surprisingly moving and powerful story of real kids facing their biggest fears.



Director  Marilyn Agrelo
Company  Cowboy Bear Ninja

Official Selection, Atlanta Shorts Fest
Official Selection, Miami Short Film Festival
Official Selection, Tacoma Film Festival
Official Selection, Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Film Festival
Official Selection, Garden State Film Festival