The Macy's Sitcom

We always suspected Macy's had all the ingredients for a great TV show. Famous name. Great setting. Highly-competitive celebrities working in tight quarters. 

So when it came time to refresh the Macy's brand campaign, it made perfect sense (to us, at least) to relaunch it as a TV show. Specifically, a workplace comedy in the vein of 30 RockCommunity, and The Office

The campaign features all the elements of a real sitcom—the episodes are just way shorter.


Teasers aired in advance of the Fall season.

There was sort of a plot. Guy from Idaho is promoted to manager of a bunch of crazy fashion people.


There was a very special Christmas episode.


The obligatory musical.

And just like a real sitcom, it was cancelled in the middle of the second season. 

Sorry guys, no syndication.

Sorry guys, no syndication.