The magic of Macy's

In 2007, we won the Macy's business by pitching them a business strategy instead of just an ad campaign. For years, the brand had sold billions in merch from the stars of fashion, food, and home. We suggested it was time those stars go to work for the brand, and agree to do advertising in exchange for rack space. They'd move more product. We'd restore Macy's place in the retail universe as the one star that could bring all those stars together. 

They bought it. And over the next few years, we worked with a truly insane cast of characters. From the Marthas and the Tommys of the world to Mariah, J.Lo, Justin, Taylor, to whatever those guys in One Direction are named. On a good day, the conceit worked, and the work was weird and random and fun—like a malaria dream with better stylists. On a bad day, you'd want to strangle the person responsible for the bright idea of asking fashion people to act. Then you'd remember, oh, yeah—that was your bright idea.

Here are some of the better days. Sorry for the bits with Trump. We were under orders.


Every day, millions of customers interact with a Macy's employee. The quality of those encounters are far more important than any ad campaign we could dream up. So we invented "100 Ways to Make Magic"—a pocket-sized book of wisdom, offering 100 different ways to make any customer at Macy's happy. 

The books landed on the desks of everyone at the company—from the CEO to the seasonal sales clerk. 


"150 Years"
Editor  Jen Dean / Lost Planet
Director  Michael Gracey, Augustus Punch / Partizan
"Opening Credits," "Screamers," "Another Miracle," "Wink Nod Smile," "Diddy Dash"
Director  Hank Perlman / Hungry Man
"Fashion Interventions"
Director  Paul Feig / RSA