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Nearly one in 68 children are diagnosed with some form of autism spectrum disorder. Yet despite these staggering figures, most parents still do not know the signs. This isn't surprising—the early indicators of autism are easy to miss and are often confused with typical toddler behavior. 

To help parents have an understanding of what their children might be experiencing, we teamed up with Autism Speaks and the AdCouncil to create this public service campaign. We started by interviewing Jacob Sanchez—a child who was diagnosed at the age of four. Then, using stop motion animation, we brought to life how he experienced and felt the world. And in doing so, hopefully gave parents a new understanding of this disorder.

Meet Jacob (Al Jazeera Interview)


The models used in the film were later auctioned at Autism Speaks fundraisers.

Behind-the-scenes (1:58)

Autism Speaks, AdCouncil

Director  Guilherme Marcondes
Company  Lobo
Music  Human NY

Wood Pencil, Craft - Animation, D&AD
Bronze, Design Lions - Animation, Cannes
Bronze, Craft Lions - Animation, Cannes
Silver, Film Craft, London Intl. Awards
Silver, Animation, Art Director's Club
Gold, Animation, Ciclope Festival
Best of Show, Craft, Addys (Dist.2)
Silver, Animation, Addys (National)
Adweek Ad of the Day, Nov 5, 2015
Gold, Print - Craft, Kinsale Sharks
Silver, Animation, Kinsale Sharks
Silver, Prod. Design, Kinsale Sharks
Bronze, Print Campaign, Kinsale Sharks
Winner, Animation, One Show One Screen Festival
Shortlist, Commissioned Film, Annecy Film Festival
Lürzer's Archive, v1.1682, v4.1656

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