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Yes, Virginia: The Musical

Macy's has no trouble entertaining people on a mass level. It's much harder to connect with people in their 800 local communities across the country.

In 2012, we found a powerful way to solve that problem. We took our own animated Christmas special, adapted it into a musical for grade-schoolers, and then gave it away. No rights. No royalties. Any school that wanted to perform the show, could have it for free.

Over a thousand signed up. In year one. Four years later, schools across the country are still putting on the show with Macy's help.

tools for schools

We also helped with more than just scripts and sheet music. Macy's offered production grants, Broadway stars offered encouragement and advice, and we built an immersive digital toolkit that gave schools everything they needed to get their productions up and running.

Schools from Maine to California staged the show. Hundreds of kids experienced the magic of performing on stage. And Macy's built a new bond with the families in their communities.


Lyrics  Wesley Whatley
Music  William Schermerhorn
Digital  Stopp LA
Video  Greenpoint Pictures

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Article  NY Times, Aug 21 2012