Yes, Virginia


In 1897, a little girl wrote to The New York Sun asking if Santa Claus was real. The editor's response? "Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus."

That story inspired our long-running Christmas campaign for Macy's, "Believe." And in 2009, Macy's and JWT created a 30-minute animated Christmas special for CBS, America's #1 rated network.

Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alfred Molina, the show has run annually on CBS every December since its premiere, typically beating out every other network in its time slot. 

Created in the spirit of the great holiday specials of the 50s and 60s, "Yes, Virginia" earned strong reviews from critics at USA Today, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, among others. The song "Yes, Virginia (There's a Santa Claus)" written by Macy's own Bill Schermerhorn and Wesley Whatley for the DVD won an Emmy in 2011 for Best Original Song.

What started as one-time special has now become its own entertainment brand. The show spawned a DVD release, a children's book, a parade balloon, an iPhone and iPad app, and is annually one of the top holiday downloads on iTunes

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"It's hard to resist the holiday jollity of this animated tale... It's enough to make a temporary believer out of a lifelong Santa agnostic."  

—Entertainment Weekly

"Like Santa himself, Virginia should be a welcome Christmas visitor for years to come."

—USA Today

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—Parent's Television Resource


Giant Parade Balloon

Debuted in 2010 and has been a part of Macy's Thanksgiving Parade since.