In 2015, Autism Speaks and Google teamed up to sequence the genome of 10,000 people on the spectrum. The goal was to put that information in the cloud, creating an Autism search engine for the benefit of scientists and researchers around the world.

They came to us for help naming the project, as well to develop a campaign to raise $10 million dollars in necessary funding. Our solution was to create and sell real works of art made from the very DNA to be studied.

Bianca Guimaraes, Siavosh Zabeti

CASE STUDY | (1:48)

We created 10,000 individual photographs of DNA, which we turned into a gallery show, posters for sale on, even a coffee table book.


On the web, visitors could learn about the project while exploring crystallized DNA through a virtual microscope—one that allowed them to create their own custom pieces. 

In radio, we transposed DNA letter sequences to compose this piece of music.